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Doggie daycare means doggie "fun" care

We are not a kennel where dogs just lie around all day. We're a place for outside playing, running, and socializing with friends. We offer supervised organized play where dogs can learn tricks, good doggy manners, and participate in doggy activities. Just like kids at day-care, our dogs have snack time and nap time as well as toys, wading pools for refreshing dips, and lots of physical and affectionate stimulation! We encourage you to bring your own blankets, bedding, and toys for your pet to feel more "at home."


Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and educational environment for your four-legged family members. We are pleased to announce the coming addition of a daycare building, which will enable us to continue with a variety of rewarding activities no matter what the weather. The requirements for admission to our daycare program are the maintenance of all of your dog's vaccinations, including bordatella (kennel cough) and a behavior test to ensure the safety of our daycare family. We encourage doggy parents to give input regarding their dog's activities in our program. We will happily accommodate special needs and requests within our ability along with free time for socializing. We will be offering structured activities such as doggy cornhole, hoops, hurdles, and wait and seek with special attention to the abilities of each dog. There will be doggy down time as needed. We offer flexible hours including half days and may be able to assist with transportation within a three mile radius of our facility. We look forward to a rewarding and caring relationship with our daycare family, and our current members are wagging their tails in anticipation of new friends to play with. Come check us out or give us a call. We're going to have some doggy daycare fun. We also feature:


• Sheltered play areas with shade and fresh water

• Off-leash running and playing

• Individual runs for private relaxing time

• Afternoon nap and snack times

• $18 daily rate per dog

• $5 for a half day or $10 for a full day a doggie daycare while boarding

• Rabies, bordatella, and Parvo/Distemper vaccines required

• We have doggy daycare Monday-Friday

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When your pet needs a day off